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Links continue to remain a significant ranking factor There are at least 10 types of bad links that can get you penalized – algorithmically and through manual action. Learn what they are and how to get out.

What exactly are Bad Links?

A bad link is simply one that violates Google’s guidelines. As a result, it can punish your site. You should look for signs when creating links, regardless of where the links are coming from. Link farms, paid links, link wheels, and other black hat link-building techniques can get you in trouble.

Let us discuss the top 5 bad link factors

  1. Press Release Links: People see press releases as a quick way to get backlinks and up their authority. At present, Google considers press release links a link scheme and a mode for Link stuffing because these are so easy to manipulate. Since it’s a kind of Over-optimized anchor text targeting your main money keyword only without the actual news.
  2. No followed (& Followed) Social Bookmark Links: Google also considers Social Bookmarking site links as a bad link factor since it is deceiving and manipulative in the eyes of Google. Creating too many bookmarking links just for the sole purpose of generating traffic can land one in trouble. As it can be manually placed and can also be spammy as Hell and hence google considers it as a link scheme.
  3. Directory Submission Links: Directory Submission Links promise to give you enough traction from their links. But as of now Having links from directories is also no longer enough to rank well with Google. Submitting to low-quality directories will likely do more harm than good for your rankings.
  4. Blog Comments: As it is clear that blog comments have contributed to being one of the most common abusive tactic factors for SEO. Spammy comments have been one of the basic link acquisition factors to avoid. But there is a right way to approach blog comments. The key is leaving topically relevant comments on topically relevant sites.

Fiverr or Other Cheap Link: It is also one of the most abusive cheap link tactic factors. Again, this is so seriously bad that, while they are not part of Google’s guidelines, the patterns and footprints left behind are likely obvious to Google’s algorithms.




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