If you need to shift on from only boosting FB posts, you should analyze and learn more about Facebook marketing. Here’s a quite extreme rundown of what’s available.

Ever been pressured as to which Facebook ad goal you should choose when setting up your Facebook ad campaigns?

I see too many people stumbling at this very first hurdle so that they revert to the less difficult technique of simply boosting their posts. But there is a higher manner—with the capacity to generate better outcomes. You just need to take some time to apprehend each goal way.

Facebook uses the facts it obtains from people’s actions on FB to assist in deciding which humans within your selected audience to your advert campaign ought to get precedence in seeing your advertisements.

You can help FB in handing over your commercials to the ones human beings most likely to take your favored action by using deciding on the right FB ad objective for your marketing campaign.

  • Facebook Ad Objectives
  • Awareness Objectives
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Optimizing for Ad Delivery
  • Testing Your Next Facebook Ad Objective

Facebook Ad Objectives

Facebook breaks objectives up into three categories (Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion) with various options under each.

Choose the class that works pleasant with wherein human beings are to your income funnel.

Awareness Objectives: It’s the Pinnacle of funnel objectives to generate interest in what you offer

Consideration objectives: The greater center funnel. remember using those to reach human beings with a few interests in what you provide and who may additionally need to find out greater facts.

Conversion Objectives: Closer to the bottom of your funnel and ought to be used whilst you need humans to check-in, opt-in, download, purchase, or visit your keep.

You can pick particular FB advert targets inside every choice.

Select one which exceptional aligns with the purpose you have on your marketing campaign, based totally on the preferred action you wish your target audience to take.

Every objective is described below, in conjunction with examples of while you would possibly use every, as well as some ability exceptions that you ought to take into consideration.

Awareness Objectives

You have these two choices when your objective is focused on awareness.

Brand awareness

Use this goal while you need to boom awareness for your brand and don’t necessarily need humans to have interaction along with your content material, click through, decide-in, or buy. This objective will assist you in reaching human beings more likely to be aware of what you promote in your ad.

This goal can be of price to large groups, including McDonald’s, that placed their logo in the front of thoughts with clients and are not necessarily looking to generate net traffic, leads, or income.

But, smaller Agencies with restrained advertising and marketing budgets won’t discover as a lot price on this kind of goal.


Use the Reach objective to get your ad seen by as many people as possible within your target audience and budget constraints.

This objective can help to target a small audience when your priority is to reach as many people within that audience as possible, even if you also want them to visit your website, watch your video, or convert on your website.

You would choose to Reach over those other objectives in this case as choosing one of the other objectives could limit your potential reach based on the likely actions of your target audience.


When you want the audience to do more than ooh and ah, you should try one of these five Facebook Ad objectives.

  1. Traffic

Use the visitor’s objective while your aim is to power site visitors outside of FB. This might be to examine a blog submit, listen to a podcast episode, visit your touchdown web page, or discover your app. Fb will show your ads to those people within your target audience maximum probable to click in your hyperlink, primarily based on their past behaviors.

But, in case you want human beings to go to your website to decide-in, register, or purchase and you have the capacity to music that they have accomplished that goal, you would Generally select the conversion goal in place of the visitor’s goal.

  1. Engagement

Use the engagement objective whilst you need extra people to interact along with your advert. Engagements to your advertisements consist of reactions, likes, comments, and stocks. Additionally, use the engagement goal while you want to generate more page likes, event responses, or provide claims.

Optimizing your campaigns for engagement means that Facebook will supply your commercials to the ones humans maximum likely to engage along with your ad. This can have the introduced bonus of generating extra reach, as people’s engagement along with your content material can generate extra tales and natural reach into news feeds beyond the preliminary target audience you’ve got paid to access.

Selecting the engagement goal can also help you in constructing your FB web page engagement audiences that you could use for retargeting purposes for destiny advertising campaigns.

3. App installs

Use the App Installs objective if you have an app and wish to send people to the store where they can download your app.

4. Video views

Use the video perspectives goal while you are promoting a video and your number one objective is to get more people to view your video and your priority is not for them to click to your link or convert on whatever you’re promoting.

Video perspectives is a remarkable goal to select whilst you wish to accumulate a video engagement audience that you can use for retargeting functions for future marketing campaigns.

However, simply because you’re the usage of video, doesn’t suggest that you need to pick out the video view goal. For example, if you are looking to get humans to click on via your video, then you definitely ought to use the visitor’s goal and pick video as the layout for your content material.

In addition, if you are wishing to get humans to convert after they watch your video, then you definitely need to use conversion as your objective and pick out the video as the layout in your content.

5. Lead Generation

Use the lead technology objective while you want to generate leads on FB right in the advert and without driving traffic on your internet site. Facebook lead generation advertisements permit you to seize facts which include call, email cope with, smartphone quantity, and so forth, auto-populating these statistics in which that is already to be had.

As an instance, FB will auto-populate their name, email address, and possibly even phone wide variety (if that could be a discipline you have chosen and they have already provided that information to face part of their profile). This makes it virtually smooth for human beings to complete your lead form and might often result in you obtaining their high-quality information, as the majority could use their great electronic mail address as the email they use to login to Facebook.

In case you are the usage of lead ads, you want to use a 3rd-birthday party device that integrates with FB and routinely takes those emails you’re taking pictures through your lead advertisements and inputs them into the email advertising software or CRM you are the usage of to supply the offer you are promoting. You can try this within the leads setup phase of your publishing gear on your Facebook web page. It is critical which you try this, as most people will anticipate acquiring what you’re offering right away after opting in.

One of the drawbacks of using the Lead Generation objective over other objectives is that you won’t be building your website traffic audience as a result of the lead capturing experience, as people don’t have to visit your website to opt-in. However, this does generate a Lead Ad Custom Audience that you can use for retargeting purposes in the future.


We Use the Conversion objective when our goal is to get people to convert for a specific action, whether that be opt-in, register, or purchase.

To optimize for conversions, you want to have a minimum of 15-25 conversions in step with week. This minimum range of conversions gives FB with enough records with a purpose to find out about the ones human beings that convert and make assumptions around those human beings most possibly to convert inside your target audience after which deliver your advertisements to greater of these human beings. 15-25 conversions are naked minimal. 50-100+ is ideal and the extra conversions, the better as this offers extra statistics for Facebook to paintingsWith.

If there are insufficient statistics to be had, then Facebook gained’t be capable of finding out about the characteristics of those people who are changing, and therefore fb received’t be able to as it should optimize the delivery of your ads for this goal. In which that is the case, the transport of that ad might be constrained when the use of the conversion objective.

With this in mind, when you have very low site visitors to conversion ratio (as is probably the case with a high-priced service or product) you may pick the traffic objective over the conversion goal, even if your primary objective is to get human beings to go to your website to opt-in, sign in or buy. That is because even as you need humans to convert, choosing the conversion objective might also limit your reach because of insufficient information being captured because of the low conversion charge.

Assuming you’ve got focused your audience nicely, optimizing for site visitors may be right sufficient and a better choice than conversion, given the dearth of to be had statistics for Facebook to work with.

Product Catalog Sales

Use the Product Catalog objective when you have an e-commerce store and would like to promote products from your product catalog. This requires you integrating your product catalog with Facebook and generating product feeds that you can choose from when creating your campaigns.

Store Visits

Use the Store Visits Facebook ad objective when you have multiple business locations and wish to promote your business to people who are nearby. You will need to set up your business locations in the business manager before you will be able to use this objective.

This can be a great way to capture foot traffic to your business, delivering ads that are timely based on people’s current location.

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