For those thinking about avoiding the 9 to 5 routine and taking the affiliate route, you want to ensure top affiliate marketing tools at your disposal.

If you are not already familiar, affiliate marketing enables people to earn income by promoting other companies’ products or services. And one of the main challenges of affiliate marketing is to manage multiple product offerings at the same time.

In fact, most affiliate marketers prefer to promote more than 10 products.

So, if you really want to earn some money in the affiliate marketing game, then you will need the right software to optimize the various offers on multiple platforms.

The 16 best affiliate marketing tools have broken out of their work in 2020, including:

  • Best chatbot for affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate ad tracking tools
  • Analytics for affiliate network performance
  • Competitor ad insights
  • Tools to improve website ad performance
  • Run affiliate ad campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing tools for Facebook
  • Find and buy available domains
  • Marketplace for affiliates
  • Build landing pages that convert sales
  • Link tracking tools for affiliates
  • Affiliate link cloaking tools
  • Tools for building a mailing list
  • Affiliate marketing tools for Instagram and Pinterest
  • WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates
  • Text message marketing tools

#1. Best Chatbot for Affiliate Marketing:

The best live chat software allows you to continuously engage with customers and prospects to generate revenue, leads, and real-time support across multiple channels. And for affiliate marketers, live chat combined with chatbot automation can be extremely powerful.

In fact, studies have shown that live chat software:

Increases website engagement rate by 3X

Increases conversions on websites by 45%

Makes 63% more likely to be consumers on a website

Most web chat software is available for use only on the company’s website. However, with OmniChat ™ technology by MobileMonkey, you can connect with subscribers across multiple channels, be it a website, SMS text messaging, or other messaging apps.

omnichannel marketing infographic

There are lots of web chat examples to choose from marketing affiliates, such as:

Fit and arise

  • Create a Sales Chatbot
  • Get more reviews
  • Run Facebook cheap
  • Send Bulk Text Messages and Facebook Messenger Chat Blasts
  • The ability to use live chat on various marketing channels, all from an integrated inbox, is a game-changer for affiliate marketers.

#2. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Ad Tracking: Volume

The volume is an ad tracking platform specifically designed for affiliate marketers.

You can use the volume to track all your advertising campaigns, analyze data for insights, and optimize your ad performance.

Affiliate marketing tools for ad tracking

Volum is an affiliate marketing tool that works with all advertising traffic sources and comes with pre-built templates for the following platforms and more.

#3. Network Performance Analytics for Affiliate Marketers: AffJet

AffJet allows you to view your earnings on all different affiliate networks from one dashboard.

This enables affiliates to reduce poorly performing links, double missed opportunities and boost commissions.

Affiliate network performance analytics

AffJet has a simple setup process where all you have to do is connect your affiliate network and import your data into the dashboard.

From there, you can apply filters to see the data that are most important to your business from one or several networks, track trends to gain new opportunities, and share with others or share your own To create a detailed report for reference.

#4. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Ad Intelligence: AdPlexity

AdPlexity is the best tool for advertising intelligence. The platform allows you to track profitable ads from your competitors in a variety of different ad types:

  • The desktop
  • mobile
  • Native
  • Push it
  • Ecommerce
  • The enterprise

Affiliate marketing tool for advertising intelligence

So, what can AdPlexity do? Let’s take the product of mobile ads as an example.

AdPlexity’s mobile product monitors your competitors’ mobile traffic sources for the most profitable advertising campaigns. This helps you know if the ads are already successful or not.

So instead of trying to build everything from scratch, hoping that you’ve created some ads that will have high-performance, you can simply copy what you’re already working on and make it yours.

AdPlexity provides comprehensive data on profitable campaigns, including the following capabilities specifically for mobile ads:

  • See campaigns in more than 75 countries.
  • Uncover profitable campaigns running on mobile popup traffic sources.
  • Analyze in-app ads running on thousands of Android apps that monitor AdPlexity.
  • Download every landing page with page dependencies (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc.) directly into a zip file from AdPlexity’s user interface.
  • Uncover hidden campaigns running exclusively on mobile carrier traffic (supported 120+ carriers).
  • Get real-time information in campaigns running on mobile ad exchanges.
  • Find ads promoting affiliate offers from 100 affiliate networks.
  • Search by keyword, advertiser, publisher, affiliate network, and more.
  • If AdPlexity doesn’t have enough firepower for you, then take a look at what runsWhere. WhatRunsWhere is another advertising spy platform that gives you actionable insights into your digital strategy.

#5. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Improving Website Ad Performance: AdThrive

Many affiliate marketers choose to place Google AdSense on their sites which allows you to set up ad blocks that other sites can pay to use.

And although it is okay to get additional income from AdSense, building a successful online business is hard when you are making only a few dollars in ads per 1K website visitors. This is where AdThrive comes in.

AdThrive works with your team to optimize your ads for better performance.


How does AdThrive improve your ad performance? They take an in-depth look at your analytics to understand advertisers who will see the best performance on your site.

As a result, you can expect higher click-through rates on your ads, which will help you generate more revenue.

#6. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Ad Campaigns: Zeropark

If you are a strong performance marketer yourself and want to manage your own advertisements, try Xeropark.

Zeropark is an advertising platform that makes it possible to launch ad campaigns quickly in a variety of unique formats. This includes:

  • In-App Native Ads
  • Flash advertising
  • In-page push ads
  • Push notification ad
  • Domain redirects
  • Run affiliate advertising campaigns

The Zeropark platform has access to billions of monthly clicks in its various formats, meaning that there will almost always be inventory.

This is a great way to test new product offers to see if you convert before deciding to invest additional resources in them.

A major advantage of Xeropark is its rapid campaign approval process. If you are familiar with Facebook ads and other advertising platforms, then you know that it can take time for advertisements to be approved. Worse, they can be rejected, which is common in the affiliate marketing space.

Even if an ad is rejected, unlike platforms like Facebook that will give you a vague reason as to why and leave you to figure out that outside of yourself, Xeropark has a fast campaign There is a dedicated team for approval and will provide details on how to obtain. Rejected ad approved.

#7. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Facebook: MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey has a plethora of digital marketing tools available on its platform built specifically for Facebook Messenger.

In the infographic below, you will see ten mobilemanic marketing use cases of Facebook Messenger for Business.

Facebook messenger for business

One of the more popular MobileMonkey Facebook marketing tools are Facebook Messenger Ads. Advertisements from Messenger present a rare opportunity, which knowledgeable digital marketers are taking advantage of in 2020.

And that’s because Facebook Messenger ads are different from regular Facebook ads. Most importantly, Messenger ads perform better than normal Facebook ads because they initiate more engaging interactions with chatbots.

Facebook messenger ad

Some types of Facebook Messenger ads exist. An advertisement is seen on any Facebook property that directs traffic to Messenger. And then Messenger contains sponsored content of the natives.

Another good thing about Facebook Messenger advertising experiences is that they can take place in the Facebook family of apps, including Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram Stories, Marketplace, Messenger, and more.

And Facebook Messenger ads differ from your average Facebook ad because they always lead to a conversation experience among your business prospect.

The top 4 reasons for using Facebook Messenger ads are:

  • Messenger ads make other ads better than 2X-10X
  • Quick lead and data capture
  • More features available for personalization
  • Automatic lead qualification and follow-up with chatbots

#8. Affiliate Marketing Tools to Find Domains: Flippa

One problem affiliate marketers constantly run into is the creation of a new website to offer each of their new products. Not only is this time being consumed, but it also means that you have almost zero SEO power, which takes years to build.

Flippa is a domain marketplace where affiliates can find existing domains for sale, which already have a Domain Authority (DA) score, which is not impossible for consumers to find your content.

Search and buy available domains

When you have lots of offerings and want to hit the market fast, check through Flippa to see what’s available and what’s relevant to your next offering.

9. Marketplace for Affiliate Marketers: ClickBank

ClickBank is a major global retailer with its own affiliate market. If you are looking for products to sell with reliable payment history, ClickBank can be a good opportunity.

Its resources include opportunities to sell with the marketplace, search, and shop for new products, find top-performing products to promote, and learn how to earn money online with courses in performance marketing.

The market for affiliate marketers

Typically, ClickBank is used by a few different types of affiliates:

  • Affiliates who are just getting started and learning how to sell products online.
  • People want to start a favor for supplemental income.
  • Existing affiliates who are adding to their portfolio of products and can more or less use ClickBank to automate additional sales.
  • ClickBank has partnered with affiliates around the world to sell to over 200 million customers. Affiliates choose ClickBank because of its evolving list of digital and physical goods.

Additionally, if you are looking for credibility, ClickBank has claimed that it has never paid in 20 years.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in ClickBank, have a look at ShareASale. Similar to ClickBank, ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network where affiliates can find products to promote and earn commissions for referrals for those products.

#10. Affiliate Marketing Tools to Build Landing Pages: Unbounce

Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page builders for digital marketers because no coding skills are required, and they have some of the best lead generation tools.

Its ‘conversion intelligence’ and ‘smart traffic’ features help set it apart from the competition.

Create a Landing Page

When you are running a highly-targeted campaign, such as an account-based marketing campaign, you need your entire funnel to suit its audience. This is why custom-made landing pages are so important.

If you think about it, when you click on an ad that is (for example) chatbots for affiliate marketers and you’ve landed on a homepage that’s not specifically about affiliate marketing, That traffic is likely to change.

However, if you take to a big page that says in bold letters, “The Best Chatbot Platform for Affiliate Marketers”, you’ll find exactly what you were looking for.

So, when you build your marketing funnel, using tools like Unbounce can quickly create multiple, campaign-specific landing pages. Conversion rates are guaranteed to go up, and search engines will reward you for this.

With Unbounce, you can copy your most successful landing pages to save time and build high converting pages in bulk. In addition, you can see A / B test variations of landing pages to see which messages and designs perform best.

#11. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Link Tracking: Rebrandly

Rebrandly provides the easiest way to create, measure, and manage short URLs with a custom domain name.

affiliate marketing tools for link tracking

For affiliates, considering likely heard of link cloaking, which is what rebrandly does best. Link cloaking is the process of disguising your affiliate link URL, provided by an affiliate program, to obfuscate your affiliate ID and make the link shorter.

This protects your affiliate commissions by making the affiliate ID less visible and makes the link more visually appealing to visitors.

Think of Bitly, but with superior analytics, more tools, additional customization, and less expensive. Considering a no-brainer to choose Rebrandly over Bitly, in my opinion.

The best part about Rebrandly is being able to tie your brand to your short links, for example, instead of, you can create a link that people will actually want to click, such as mobile -tools.

The result of putting your brand on your links is more clicks. According to a study, branded links can increase CTR by up to 34%.

Use rebrandly to track everything happening with your links around the internet, quickly build UTM parameters with their Chrome Extension, and get deeper insights into the content referring to driving you the best web traffic.

#12. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Link Cloaking: ThirstyAffilates

In addition to rebrandly, there is a WordPress plugin called ThirstyFilets, geared specifically towards affiliate marketers, and link cloaking as an important feature.

Affiliate marketing tools for link cloaking

Although ThirstyAffiliates is not as powerful or polished as Rebrandly, its WordPress plugin has some features that make it attractive to affiliate marketers.

So, if you are using WordPress for your blog as an affiliate marketer, check out ThrustFilts in addition to rebrandly.

#13. Affiliate Marketing Tools to Build a Mailing List: ThriveLeads

Thrive Leads is a lead generation tool and plugin for WordPress sites.

It combines many different types of opt-in forms into one plugin and gives you a simple drag-and-drop editor to create great designs.

Lead generation tools

In addition, you can increase conversions by showing your visitors relevant offers based on posts, categories, tags, and more.

ThriveLeads is a sophisticated plugin, not your old-school list building plugin. It typically updates with new conversion strategies and enhancement hacking strategies that are proven to grow contact lists quickly.

If you are not using WordPress, consider using a tool like HelloBar or Leadformly.

#14. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Instagram & Pinterest: Tailwind

Most marketers are aware of social media marketing tools such as AgoraPulse, Buffer, and Hootsuite for scheduling and management.

However, affiliate marketers selling online retail products fully understand the power of Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is a social media scheduler and analytics tool specifically designed for Pinterest and Instagram.

Affiliate marketing tools for Instagram and Pinterest

For example, focusing on visual content makes marketing on Instagram and Pinterest different from marketing on Twitter or Facebook.

Tailwind’s Instagram marketing tools include the following:

SmartSchedule: Save time by scheduling photos and videos with Auto Post. When your audience is most engaged, select Tailwind as the post-bar.

Hashtag Finder: Reach more people with a mix of popular and relevant niche Instagram hashtags to be searched by the right followers.

Time-saving shortcuts: tag top-performing Instagram hashtag lists, relevant users and locations, and format captions all in one place.

Content Plan: Not sure what to post? Content plans are ready to use post ideas to suit your business type so that you are always ready.

Visual Planning: Drag and drop to preview your 9-grid and guarantee that your profile always looks polished.

Free Landing Page: Create a branded landing page for free, then send a stream of traffic from your Instagram bio to your most important content.

Add clickable link: Add a link to a link to an Instagram post. Tailwind will instantly update its custom landing page from behind the scenes so that everyone can click through your website, blog post, or product listing.

Additionally, Tailwind provides similar tools for Pinterest, as well as for analytics dashboards and reports.

#15. Affiliate Marketing Tools for Amazon: AAWP

If you are an affiliate marketer who sells products on Amazon, and you are using WordPress, then you might want to know about AAWP, which stands for “Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin”.

Affiliate marketing tool for amazon

Product prices on Amazon vary continuously, which is a nightmare for affiliate marketers.

AAWP provides up-to-date information where affiliate links will be generated and products, prices, as well as discounts are automatically refreshed.

There are many other features available on AAWP, however, the ability to place information on your site through marketing automation tools is by far the most valuable.

#16. Affiliate Marketing Tools for SMS Text Messages: MobileMonkey

There are many ways to sell products online using chatbots.

SMS is a method of marketing with MobileMonkey, a no-brainer eCommerce marketing tool. And this is because text message marketing is instant, convenient, and universal.

Even more important, SMS marketing produces results that cannot be ignored.

For example, take a look at these SMS marketing statistics for marketing and sales teams:

Affiliate marketing tools for e-commerce

By using MobileMonkey SMS marketing tools for eCommerce, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by significantly increasing open rates, response rates, and conversion rates.

Text message marketing enables companies to send large-scale SMS messages to their audiences, as well as mass personal messages.

Additionally, you can use MobileMonkey opt-in tools such as website chat SMS opt-in widgets, web page pop-up forms for desktop and mobile, and SMS keyword opt-in tools.

Here are some different SMS marketing campaigns you are running with MobileMoney:

  • Bulk text message
  • SMS drip campaign automation
  • Automatic responses and active messages
  • If you are still skeptical of SMS marketing, check out these 60 SMS marketing statistics that every eCommerce marketing professional should know about.

Although job success depends on Affiliate marketing skills, it can prove to be an effective way to meet your income goals as a primary career or profitable second job. That’s why you might want to consider hiring a digital marketing agency to take care of your Affiliate marketing needs!


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