How Revolving Homepage Banner in Your Website Design can Injure your SEO Attempts?

The Homepage rotating banner also known as image carousel, slide shows and faders is the most prevalent website design feature. Many website designers are still unaware of the fact these are ineffective when it comes to SEO. In this blog, you can find justified reasons to remove these sliders now from your website design.
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4 Types of SEO Losses you will have to face due to Automatic Carousel Type Banners :

Revolving Homepage Banner can just devastate your homepage badly. They lead to multiple h1 headings, Flash usage, slow page load speed and shallow content.

Alternating Headings

Generally, these carousels are built on HTML5, jQuery or AJAX. The heading in the slider is enclosed around H1 tag. For SEO to be appropriate your H1 should be just one per page. If there is an H1 in banner too, it changes your H1 every time the slide changes. This is not good for Google crawl and devaluates your keyword significance.

Flash Usage

It using Flash content is an SEO blunder. If you are using flash to serve up content on the slider, you must avoid it instantly. Some Best Website DesignCompany in India may think it is a brilliant function, but on the down side, again flash content is not crawled by search engines.  So you must stop it ASAP.

Content Replacement

These carousels just utilized to post low quality content irrelevant for the website. Even some  Revolving Homepage Banner has no content at all. Content is a necessity for ranking for keywords on the Google. It must be quality and SEO optimized. If you have diminutive or no content, you cannot think to rank any of your keyword on Google.

Poor Performance

It is quite clear, that the website loading time increases with adding more complicated and additional stuff. If your website loading time were higher, then your user experience would surely get hurt.   This will affect your search performance too.  

Putting it all together

Revolving Homepage Banner push down your main SEO content. This means the website content won’t even be noticeable by your website visitor and it backfires your SEO efforts negatively. Most Best Website Design Company in India today avoid using sliding Homepage Banner. 

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