Google Killing off the Google Drive by Launching ‘Drive File Stream’ for PC & MAC

Here is another huge announcement by technology Giant for the G Suite users. The company has launched new desktop application “Drive File Stream” that will serve as a replacement for the Google Drive desktop app. Our previous back-up option will be shut down eventually by next year. So all the drive users have good-enough time to plan this switch.

This announcement was made earlier also by Google, about its plans on transition of the application. In the month of July, Google said it would amalgamate its desktop file sync applications for Google Photos and Google Drive into a solo new application called “Backup and Sync”. This will be a part of G suite to end support for the older apps for Mac and PC.

This is a huge enterprise solution offered by the Google, which opened an Early Adopter Program for Drive File Stream at the same time. This will give an enormous enterprise as well as administrative control to the drive users. Therefore, it can be said that it has two applications now, one is consumer centric and other is the enterprise version.
Google Drive shut down

Soon you will see the settings for the “Drive File Stream” will appear in your admin console. This update will be alike for every G Suite user as updated by the Google.  

How Drive File Stream works?

The Drive File Stream saves your disk space and network bandwidth as you store files directly from the cloud storage to your PC. This gives a huge liberty in freeing up your disk space and the network bandwidth. As we know that, since drive files have great synchronisation option, any changes made by any of the collaborator can be automatically saved and updated everywhere. This always gives you the leverage of latest version.
However, with this latest update at this moment, you can make Drive files available for offline retrieval too. This means the cached files will synchronise back to the cloud when you're online. This gives you a latest copy available on all your devices.

Other Benefits Included: 

  • To configure and distribute the solution for their domain
  • Better sync whether you are online or offline
  • You can disable Google Update if you prefer manual updates and settings.

While the Drive File Stream will not go into effect until September 26th, 2017 when the new software becomes accessible to one and all. The older version of software will no longer be supported beginning on December 11th, 2017.  It will be completely shut down by March 12th, 2018 as per the Google declaration. 
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