Four Indian Start-ups Raised to Popularity on Foundation of Digital Marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by any “Start-up” is deciding on their marketing campaign. There is an incredible burden on start-ups to make the most of marketing without compromising quality. Irrespective of what you offer and which industry they are targeting, without a clever marketing campaign, you cannot think of generating any relevant ROI.
Below listed are 4 such flourishing business and their entrepreneurial journey. They have best understood the concept of digital marketing and implemented it with highest level of perfection.  Let’s take a look:

OYO Rooms:

OYO Rooms is the Start-up that needs no introduction. Since the time of its foundation in 2013, by Ritesh Agarwal – a 21-year-old CEO, completely changed the definition of renting a hotel in India. By popularizing the budget hotels and guesthouses on social and digital channels, it made a its place on the top of list.

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Vijay Shekar Sharma Launched in August 2010. With the help of social media, Paytm has showed the most interesting brand transformation. Growth of Paytm is the best example to review the role of digital advertising. Paytm reached a vast proportion of their target audience with increased brand awareness and customer engagement to buy & sell products through website. The success is attributed directly to the use of social media and of course YouTube.


India’s online classified ad world got serious shape-up in hands of Pranay Chulet, Mumbai based CEO since its inception in 2008. Some even call it “The Indian Craigslist” with the smart pace it has revolutionized the digital space. Initially started with a broad focus on consumer transactions, it is now biggest fastest and cheapest buying and renting platform. Within this, you can easily buy/sell/rent/find things across a variety of categories, digital marketing has just become a medium for people to be connected with this website.

Jawed Habib:

Jawed Habib is today a well-known figure in the beauty business. He is the man who shaped its brand credibility using supremely interactive digital marketing on social platforms. Jawed has in his own unique way glamourized the hair salon to reach the targeted audience. He setup 50 salons across different cities of India in the first five years, and focused on robust marketing through social channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  Despite the meteoric growth, Javed still calls himself the local barber from Delhi.

Key Takeaway:

For aforementioned companies, Digital Marketing services have been the perfect ingredient towards building brand credibility. By utilizing the social media, channels and optimizing digital marketing tools these 4 start-ups have magnificently influenced the buying decision of customers. They have touched the deep-founded desires of the customers by engaging them continuously in their brand without burning a hole in their pockets.

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