Google Joined Hands with NAMI to Help Fight Depression with PHQ-9 Questionnaire

No need to silently suffer in depression, Google has collaborated with NAMI [National Alliance on Mental Illness, USA] to test what your possible level of depression. With this latest update in the form of PHQ-9 questionnaire, Google has taken a huge step to help eliminate depression. Currently available on mobile search feed, PHQ-9 questionnaire is a few simple multiple-choice questions to help you figure out if you’re in need of medical help or not.
Searches for 'depression' on Google now lead to a test that helps people figure

If you are thinking, what is PHQ-9 questionnaire?

According to google latest update PHQ-9 is a reliable measure to validate depression severity. As per the American Psychological Association, the PHQ-9 “Patient Health Questionnaire” consists of ‘nine points’ which are mandatory to answer for evaluating depression. It is “self-administered” method to check the level of your depression. These questionnaires are free of charge in English as well as in more than 30 other languages.
 Therefore, if you will make a Google search regarding depression, you will get an option to “Check if you’re clinically depressed” by NAMI. You can see this option in the knowledge panel. You can get more information on the webpage, the questionnaire is more than just a link to webpage, but it will actually help you. Just click and take the test as a first step towards a depression free life.  

Google’s Intentions is to Offer HELP!

Depression is a most serious as well as neglected mental illness. According to NAMI, a majority of US population is suffering from it. This is the main reason that Google and NAMI has partnered together for offering primary screening to get into the process of diagnosing depression. Some common symptoms that the PHQ-9 checks for include a lack of interest in or pleasure from doing things, feeling down or hopeless, trouble concentrating, or thoughts of self-harm.

Google is not going to secure your test results

Google has made its part clear, that “Your Information Is Just Solely Yours”. It will not secure or keep your information in any manner. Company will not be keeping users’ information from the PHQ-9 on file. Google understands that this information is private and user’s security is essential. So you are free from Google will not store your responses.
Google update for Depression

Are you depressed? Or think you might be suffering from it? Now get started to assess you mental health with NAMI and Google-generated depression questionnaire. However, the time will tell, if any, benefit the tool will have for depression parents.

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