Find The Right Video Easily - Google Brings 6-Second Auto Play Video Preview

The Search Engine Giant is leaving stone unturned to give its user “The Best Possible Experience”. In the current trend of social media videos, Google has come up with significant move of 6-Second auto play Video Preview.

Now be ready to get enticed by Google’s machine learning capabilities, that will analyze the entire video to a Short & Simple Six Second auto played preview. This preview will be a resourceful glimpse of what you will find inside the entire video. Thus, helping mobile searchers find quickly what they are looking for. A big relief to mobile searchers. Let’s understand How?

User Experience to The Next Level

Often times while searching any video on Google, you might have found yourself being lost amongst a plethora of video selections. So many videos showcasing nearly similar thumbnails? Right! You might also have those moments when you tapped the wrong video, leaving your essential time wasted! Well, Google has taken this step to remove such glitches forever.
 This 6-Second auto play Video Preview forMobile Search, will give you a steer-clear idea what you are going to find inside the clipping. From this week onwards, Android Google Apps and Google Chrome will show you the snippet of what each video entails through the on-screen carousel.

Mobile Search is On Focus

Google intentions were clear “Providing Information Quicker” but not at the cost of your data bills. Thus, this feature will come to play only on WiFi by default. So, taste the technology and get informed faster without worrying about your burning the data.
However, if we talk about the desktop and iOS this feature is currently unavailable. Making it obvious that Google has a mobile soft focus! Moreover, if you remember, it was only last week when Google Map search updated with Answer Quick questions  to help users fetch information about places they want to visit. Now, this week it is another mobile search update.

Surely, Google is working on every small detail to lure the users. For further Google updates on latest mobile search and mobile application development keep reading! 
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